What price will I get in Viaticum for my gold?

Viaticum will buy your gold under the most favorable conditions in the region. On on our website you can follow the current price of gold on the world market in our "current chart". In the box "purity" we bring you an overview of the current prices for the various types of purity that you currently have Viaticum will pay for your gold.

How to calculate the price of your gold?

So that you can use our calculator to calculate the price you will get for your gold in Viaticum, you need to know its weight and purity. After entering these data and pressing the "recalculate" button The calculator calculates the price Viaticum will pay you for your gold at that moment. Important - the price is continuously updated depending on the development of the price on the world market, that's why it is very likely that in a few minutes (or tens of seconds) the price for a specific weight will be a purity is different. At the moment of sale, only the current price at that moment is taken into account.

Cash for gold instantly

At Viaticum, we will pay you for your gold immediately and in cash. At the calculation of the value of your gold is based on the current price of gold on the world market, which is also displayed by ours "current chart". When determining the purchase price of your gold, we base it on the current price (world market), which is currently also displayed on our chart (price on the world market).

Do we also buy other metals and precious stones?

No, at Viaticum we will only buy gold from you, stripped of any gold (precious) stones. We do not buy any other precious metals at Viaticum.